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Blogging Food Politics

“Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson at Food Tank posted a list of “15 Websites Saving the Environment by Changing the Food System.” As usual, they’ve done their research and have a pretty good list that includes everything from fairly mainstream sources like Beth Hoffman’s blog on Forbes, CNN’s Eatocracy, The Guardian’s Sustainable Development, and NPR’s The Salt, to the Civil Eats metablog, to more radical sites like Eat Drink Politics, Food and Water Watch, Tom Philpott’s Food for Thought at Mother Jones,  and The Grist.

I was surprised that they missed Food First, which I regard as one of the best resources on global food politics, and Marion Nestle’s classic Food Politics blog.  I might have also liked to see Food (Policy) For Thought,  Science on the Land,  GRAIN, and Triple Crisis on their list.

What are your go-to resources for food politics? I’m always looking to update my blogroll.”